To Machu Picchu in a wheelchair: Wheel the World launched regular tours to the ancient city

To Machu Picchu in a wheelchair: Wheel the World launched regular tours to the ancient city


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In November 2018, tourists with wheelchairs paved the way for Machu Picchu. Chilean travelers Alvaro Silberstein and Isabel Aguirre from the Wheel the World crossed the 11-kilometer section of the Inca Trail, which leads to the ancient city of Machu Picchu. They traveled in wheelchairs.

Image: tourists with special wheelchaur, mountains, Machu Picchu
For this journey, Wheel the World has invented a special carrier (Source)

After testing all the aspect of the way by themselves, the Wheel of the World project team launched regular tours to the ancient city of Machu Picchu, adapted for travelers with access needs.
For example, a six-day trip costs $ 1,500. This includes a Downtown Cusco City Tour, visit of the ancient ruins around Cusco, Sacred Valley and Ollantaytambo visit and adapted bike tour, exploration of Machu Picchu and adaptive kayaking in Piuray Lake. A one-day tour to Machu Picchu costs $ 990.

Image: tourists roam the old city of Cusco
The program includes a tour of the old part of Cusco (Source)


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During the tour, tourists will pass through the streets and squares of Cusco,
  get acquainted with its sights (Source)


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Another day of the program is dedicated to visiting the ancient ruins of the Sacred Valley (Source)


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The tour includes not only impressions but also adventures: a ride on handbikes ... (Source)


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... and kayaking on special boats (Source)

The tourists can use specially designed seats - with two wheels and two handles made of lightweight aluminum and steel. These chairs resemble a wagon or a car for transportation of gravity. These will help travelers to overcome the most difficult parts of the mountain route.

You can book a trip on the official website of Wheel the World.