Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Privacy policy of globe4all Service

General Provisions

The privacy policy of globe4all Service (hereinafter - Policy) covers the information submitted by the users (hereinafter - Users) of globe4all Service (hereinafter - Service) during the Users’ registration on the Service to the Limited liability partnership “Globe Media” (hereinafter - Administrator) (TIN 220440042966) located at: office 62, of. Brusilovskogo str., 247a, Almaty, The Republic of Kazakhstan (administrator and owner of the Service), as well as its affiliate included in one group with the administrator.
The Administrator pays great attention to protection and privacy of the Users’ information. The Users can view most of the Service pages without reporting any information about themselves. However, in order to provide some services, some information may be required from the User, in limited scope indicated herein. Any User information received by the Administrator, is used solely for the purposes of rendering the services and enhancement of their quality, and in order to make the services and content of the Service more simple and comfortable for use.
Further, there is a description of principles and methods of information processing for all the Service Users who agreed to the terms hereof.
The fact of Users’ registration on the Service means that the User expresses complete and unconditional agreement with this Policy and the terms of their information processing stated herein. If the User does not agree with this terms, they shall decline from registration on this Service.

Please, study our Policy before registering on the Service or submitting your information to the Service.

Description of the User information received and processed by the Service  Administrator

While User’s registering on the Service, as well as while paying and use of the services and products of the Service, in conducting surveys on the Service, Administrator can request from the User the following information:

  • User’s last name, first name and patronymic (if applicable), email address, phone, information about login and password for getting access to some functions of the Service, information about number, cost, time and manner of orders made by the Users, or the orders of the Service products and services received from other Users, information about participation in advertising campaigns of the Service, information about subscription to information materials or materials of the Service support team. The required User information is marked by the Administrator by special flags, the rest of the information is provided at the Users’ discretion;
  • The information which is automatically transmitted to the Administrator during use of the Service by means of the software installed on the User’s device, including IP-address, cookie information, information about the country and (or) city of the User’s location, information about the User’s internet-browser (or another program by means of which they access to the Service), time of access, URL of the requested page, about the User’s device by means of which they access the Service.

This Policy is applicable only to the Service. The Administrator does not control and is not responsible for websites and software of third persons to which Users can go by the links available on the Service. On other websites of third persons, other information can be collected and requested from Users, as well as other actions can be made, for which the Administrator is not responsible.
The Administrator does not check authenticity of the information provided by the Users, and does not control their capability. However, the Administrator proceeds from the fact that the User provides authentic and sufficient information and upgrades this information from time to time. Consequences of providing unauthentic information are defined in the User Agreement and the legislation of the The Republic of Kazakhstan.

Purposes of collection and processing of the information
Administrator uses the information exceptionally for purposes of rendering the services offered by the Service, and enhancement of their quality, and in order to make the services and content of the Service more simple and comfortable for use, including:

  • User identification in the frameworks of the contract of paid services rendering;
  • Provision to the User of personalized and reference services;
  • Personalization of demonstration of advertising and other materials for the Service User;
  • For processing of the Users’ requests by the Service Administrator or by the Service support team;
  • For analysis and studies directed to the Service improvement, as well as its products and services;
  • For distribution of news and advertising information about products, services and special offers of the Service;
  • For delivery of service messages (for example, for restoring password, access to the User’s account, etc.);
  • For prevention and revealing of fraud and illegal use of the Service and its services;
  • For conducting statistical and other studies on the basis of depersonalized data.


Terms of the information processing

Administrator uses the User information only for the purposes of, and in accordance with this Policy.
In respect of the User information, its confidentiality is reserved.
Administrator will not disclose to the third persons, distribute, sell, alienate or otherwise dispose of the received information, other than for the purposes of, and by means considered hereby.
In processing the User information, Administrator proceeds from the effective legislation of the The Republic of Kazakhstan.

Change or deletion of the information from the Service

User can, at any time, change (update, supplement) the provided information or a part of it using the function of information editing on the Service in the personal User’s section, by accessing it using login and password of the User from their account sent by the Administrator to the User’s email address indicated during the account registration.
User’s account can also be deleted on the basis of the request to the Administrator by email In this case, deletion of the account will make it impossible to use some services of the Service.

Protection of User information

Administrator ensures to take necessary and adequate organizational and technical measures to protect User’s information from illegal or unintended access, destruction, change, blocking, copying, distribution, and from other illegal actions of third persons.

Cookie file is a small text file sent to the hard disk of the User’s computer from the Administrator’s server. Cookies contain the information which the Administrator can use later.
No information which the Administrator collects by means of Cookies, can be used for identification of Users.
Administrator can use Cookies in order to control the Service use, collection of User impersonal information, saving preferences and other information on the User’s computer in order to save User’s time necessary for repeated entrance of the same information in the Service forms, as well as to show the content during the following User’s visits to the Service.
The information received by means of Cookies can also be used by the Administrator for statistical studies directed to correction of the Service content according to the Users’ preferences.
User can change settings of Cookies acceptance in setting of their browser or disable them completely, however, in this case, some functions of the Service can work incorrectly.

Refusal from mailing lists

Accepting terms of this Policy, User agrees that, if they indicate their email address or telephone number in their account settings in the special User section, Administrator will be entitled to send the User some information using short text-messages or emails about services, new features and terms of use of the Service, as well as other information including advertisement.
User is entitled to refuse from receiving such information, by independent disabling of the function of receiving mailing lists in the subscription email parameters, by going to the special link indicated in the email, or by sending the Administrator an email to the Administrator’s email address

Children’s information

The Administrator shows serious attitude to children’s information protection and tries to protect confidentiality of such information.
We appeal to children under 18 years old not to register on the Service and not to use it without permission and assistance of their parents or guardians, and not to provide any information about themselves.
Rules of the Service use bind the parents ensure constant control of the Service use by children under 18 years old.

Making changes to the Policy.  User’s agreement with the Policy.
User acknowledges and agrees that the User’s registration on the Service, creation of the account and subsequent use of the Service, any of its services and functions means unconditional agreement of the User with all the clauses of this Policy, and unconditional acceptance of its terms.
If the User continues to use the Service after any changes of the Policy, it means that they agree with such changes and/or supplements.
The User shall regularly study the content hereof, in order to be kept up-to-date about all the changes.
Administrator reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change and (or) supplement the Policy anytime, without prior and (or) subsequent notification of the User. New revision of the Policy comes into force since it is published on the Service, unless otherwise is considered by the new revision of the Policy. The current revision of the Policy is always available in the Service interface at:
If you (User) do not agree with the Policy provisions, refuse from use of this Service and delete your account.

Final provisions. Contact information

This Policy and relations between Users and Administrator arising due to the Policy application are governed by the legislation of the The Republic of Kazakhstan.

This Policy is accessible for all the Service Users without any exception.
We will be glad to get your feedbacks, questions, suggestions and comments about our Privacy Policy, which should be sent to the following email of the Administrator:

The date of the latest revision of the Privacy Policy: April 10th, 2022