About the project


In the 13th century in Italy was made one of the most useful inventions in the world - glasses. Millions of people who use it after more than 7 centuries to make the inaccessible accessible, invisible - visible, will agree with this.

However, if we talk about accessibility, there are many problems left in the world that have yet to be resolved. According to WHO estimates, every seventh person on the planet has some form of disability.

And if most travelers just need to get a visa, buy a ticket or a tour package, and go on a journey, then the handicapped tourist has to face many barriers. Transport, hotels, attractions - all this is often inaccessible to the traveler with special needs.

Buy a ticket for a plane or for a train to the car with handrails and a lift, check in for a flight, book a hotel that is suitable not only for the location and services, but also convenient in terms of accessibility, choose an excursion designed for wheelchairs or meet the receptionist with sign language knowledge - each stage of the journey can be a kind of challenge. 

The Globe4all project is created by people who love to explore the world and enjoy the feeling of freedom and new discoveries that give travel, and also know firsthand about accessibility issues.
Our mission is to widely cover all aspects of barrier-free travel and to give all travelers the opportunity to find interesting and convenient leisure at their destination.

Have a nice trip!