How it works

How it works


Get new vivid impressions with the Globe4all travel and excursions service!

Why Globe4all?

We will help with excursions and interesting programs, we will tell a lot of new about accessible tourism.

We try to ensure that all our tourist products are checked, and the information remains as fresh as the sea breeze;) 

It sounds inspiring, but what is the Globe4all?

When planning our trip, we all need information about the place of travel, doubly more information is needed if you have to confirm the "accessibility" of attractions or places of travel.

Getting to the site, the user chooses what kind of traveler he is and what level of accessibility he needs on the journey. In accordance with this, all the content on the site is constructed: if a person is blind, he gets access to all the excursions and news for visually impaired tourists, the wheelchair user can access travel materials for low mobility travelers.  We will try to accompany the material with subtitles for hearing impaired users.

Another part of the planet that can be considered as travelers with special needs is young parents with babies in baby carriages - after all, ramps are also important for them, the width of doorways, etc. is also important. Therefore, a separate section on the site is devoted to parents and their children.

All content on the site can be divided into two blocks: excursion and editorial.
More about the accessible world or where to find news and editorial content.

The editorial work includes the preparation of articles and news about the development of accessible tourism in the world, a description of the accessibility of various infrastructure facilities for tourists with special needs - transport, hotels, attractions. The editorial block publishes reviews, life hacking, useful tips and experience. And, you can share your experience and offer your materials for posting on the site.



Tours and activities

The second block is a selection of excursions and entertainment for tourists in different cities and countries. These are authoring, and independent routes offered by guides. These are excursions of museums and galleries, these are events that are held by public organizations, theaters, libraries, etc. for tourists with special needs. In addition to describing what awaits the tourist in the program, the tour indicates - for whom it is suitable, how long it takes, what will meet on the way, and the guide develops a program taking into account the specifics of its tourists (please, note: the service in English is under construction).

But the service is designed not only for curious tourists, guides can also place all the information about their services here. Tell what is included in the tour, and for what will have to fork out.

But before that, you need to register. 

Now you know everything: let’s start!

And bon voyage ;)