Lonely Planet published a phrase book for tourists with disabilities

Lonely Planet published a phrase book for tourists with disabilities

Image: person in a wheelchair, sunset, London view

Electric wheelchair in Russian is an “elektricheskaya invalidnaya kolyaska". Guide dog - “sobaka-provodnik”. Ramp – “pandus”. A question about the barrier-free shower in the hotel is: "Est’ li v otele bezbarierny dusch?". These words and questions - from the world's first phrase book for tourists with special needs - Accessible Travel Phrasebook, published by Lonely Planet.

Translators-volunteers took part in the compilation of the phrase book. In total, the book contains popular phrases, questions and words in 35 languages, from Arabic to Chinese, which will help the traveler with access needs to find a common language with the citizens of other countries. Phrasebook includes 100 words and phrases dedicated to accessible tourism, easy-to-use pronunciation guides, vocabulary on topics ranging from hotels to transportation.


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It's very easy to take a phrase book with you - just download it free of charge from the official Lonely Planet website in PDF format, for a smartphone, laptop or tablet.

“All travelers will get more out of their trip by being able to speak a few words of the local language, but for people with disabilities, it’s often vital to be able to explain your particular needs,” Martin Heng, Accessible Travel Manager said. 

“Since standard phrasebooks are unlikely to contain the language you use to talk about disability needs, we decided to gather together some disability-specific words and phrases and translate them into as many different languages as we practically could. There are still plenty of barriers to travel for people with a disability—language doesn’t have to be yet another.” – he added.

Download the Accessible Travel Phrasebook