Jerusalem’s Old City become more accessible

Jerusalem’s Old City become more accessible



Image: Jerusalem Old City, the sun


Old City is the heart of Jerusalem, where the main attractions and places of exceptional importance are located: The Temple Mount, the Wailing Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque ... Nearly 3.5 million tourists come here annually to worship shrines or see ancient relics. To make the city more convenient and accessible to tourists and pilgrims, a cable car will be constructed in Jerusalem.

The route of the “air bridge”, which will be about 1,400 meters in length, will run from the First Station, across the Mount of Olives to the Dung Gate, reported the Israel Tourist Office. The approximate speed of movement of cars is 21 km per hour. In addition, this solution will simplify access to attractions for people with reduced mobility.

“The cable car will provide transportation and environmental solutions, and it will make the Old City accessible for people with disabilities … On holidays for the three monotheistic religions, between tens and hundreds of thousands of people visit the Old City. Today, vehicle access for non-residents is prohibited in most parts of the Old City and, therefore, the cable car is defined as a project of great importance to tourism in Jerusalem.” - the Tourism Ministry highlighted the benefits of a cable car in a press release. 

The fare on the cable car will be approximately equal to the fare on the bus.