Visiting the Husky

Visiting the Husky

Many lovely fluffy dogs that wag their tails, let you caress their heads and scratch them behind their ears, jump and tumble in the snow, forming an energetic ball together with you - that's what happiness looks like. Especially good in this picture fit blue-eyed handsome Husky - smart, active dogs.
In the Husky Center Ural Olympus, which is situated near Perm city (it’s the Ural region of Russia), there are more than 60 such dogs - it is not a small heap at all. You can play with all of them at once, take with you to ride on a harness - from 4 to 8 dogs, to be photographed - with everyone who will fit into the frame with his paws and wet black noses. And they also talk - not only with a hoarse barking and squealing, but it seems that with all the body, expressing their friendliness. And what eloquent eyes they have!

That is why from December to March, when the Perm region is buried in the snow, many guests come to the Husky Center. Adults and children, in groups and families, come to get acquainted with kind and beautiful animals, ride on sledges, play outdoors, and some people even recommend a visit to the Ural Olympus: dog therapy (or scientifically - canistherapy, from the Latin canis - a dog) is a recognized method of rehabilitation.


Image: a man with a husky dog

The dog is "smiling": the hour spent at a visit to the husky is so uplifting that I want to smile at everyone, and especially - in response to this friendly dog grin.'

Over the winter, several groups of people with disabilities visit the Ural Olympus. In the Husky Center, the main entertainment is communication with dogs, which easily find a common language with both blind people and the deaf. In full delight of the four-legged pets of the center there are children with cerebral palsy, and even wheelchair users can drive in huskies.


Image: husky dogs in a sledge

Image: a girl in a husky sledge

Image: husky sledge and instructors

Image: husky dog with blue eyes

The Husky Center Ural Olympus was opened in 2013, then it had 10 Siberian husky dogs brought from the nurseries of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Five years later, 60 Siberian huskies, one Alaskan husky and one Alaskan malamute live here. They are sister breeds, but their representatives differ in character and appearance. Huskies are born athletes, they need daily training and many kilometers of jogging, and therefore caring for them obliges the center's employees to lead an active lifestyle. Malamutes are more calm, large and very hardy animals.

Since 2016, the Husky Center Ural Olympus has its own charity fund called The Good Country. As Alexandra Haskina, curator of the social programs of the Husky Center told, the fund was created to help children with cerebral palsy.

"At the moment, our charitable programs are designed for adults and children with disabilities. During the winter season, we accept 5 to 6 such groups, - says Alexandra. - We regularly cooperate with Perm organizations: charitable foundation Kungur - the Territory of Good, the fund I Help Children, the fund Dedmorozim, as well as with the centers of complex rehabilitation of people with disabilities. Of course, there is such a thing as canistherapy, where dogs act as healers, and in this case husky, like a breed of dogs, is no exception. Their kindness, patience and endurance give the right to a unique Husky-therapy. After visiting the Husky Center, children and adults are always on the emotional rise. Communication with husky, kindness and love of these dogs works wonders. Children and adults start smiling, communicating, showing interest in the dogs"


Image: children in a husky sledge


Image: children playing wih husky

Husky are descendants of Chukchi sled dogs. They do not have aggression at the gene level, they love children - the husks were trained to warming up the kids in the plague with their warmth and breathing.

"Our dogs are always patient and friendly to all visitors," Alexandra continues. - We had visually impaired people, as well as deaf people, people on wheelchairs, and they were all able to communicate with the husky, and to ride a dog sled. Any person can ride a harness with a Husky, but only accompanied by our instructor-kayur. "

With the advent of spring in the Husky Center another program begins: some of the dogs leave for the north of the Perm region to the children's dog training camp - The Conquest of Olympus. Base camp - a wooden house surrounded by beautiful Ural nature: mountain slopes, fast rivers, forest. For 12 days children aged 10 to 17 come to the camp, each assigned a partner - a dog with which the child must not only play and walk, but also feed and care. Accompanied by four-footed friends and instructors, children go on foot hiking, go in for sports, learn orienteering skills.

How to get to the Husky Center Ural Olympus: drive to the village of Fomichi from Perm (about 20 kilometers).

When the Husky Center operates: in the winter season, from December to March. In summer, dogs have a vacation in the children's camp :-)

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