“Tsaritsyno” organized guided tours in sign language

“Tsaritsyno” organized guided tours in sign language



Image: Tsaritsyno museum complex in Moscow, arch entrance


The Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve in Moscow invites deaf and hearing-impaired visitors to excursions in Russian sign language. The study route passes through the palace part of the territory and the exhibition complex.

During the tour, visitors will see the unique architectural ensemble of the imperial residence, built for Catherine the Great in the second half of the XVIII century by architect V.I. Bazhenov. Tourists will get acquainted with the history of building a summer suburban residence and its further fate, find out what the game character of Tsaritsyn’s architecture is manifested in, will visit the main halls of the recreated Grand Palace - the only building designed by M.F. Kazakov.



The nearest event will take place on May 22 at 4 p.m. Guide - Svetlana Bobkova.

Participation in the tour: by entrance ticket to the museum and pre-registration.

Visitors with disabilities receive a free entrance ticket to the museum.