The first barrier-free lift opened at the beach in Alanya

The first barrier-free lift opened at the beach in Alanya


Image: Alanya city and a seaside view from a height


One of the most popular seaside resorts in Turkey is becoming the most accessible: the other day in Alanya, the first beach, equipped with a barrier-free “lift to the sea” for people with reduced mobility, was inaugurated. The project under the slogan “Accessible Tourism City Alanya” was implemented by the city municipality.

The lift is installed at the sandy Rainbow Beach, opened to the public. The device is a chair on the platform, which descends directly into the water on special rails. The lift can be accessed in a wheelchair by wooden flooring. The lift is controlled by remote control with three large buttons. The mechanism is designed in such a way that the vacationer can independently go directly to the sea and return to the beach, while rescuers will monitor the process and be able to provide assistance if necessary.


Image: a lift platform at the Rainboe beach
The lift platform at the Rainbow Beach (Source)


Image: a man sitting at the lift chair
It is designed to help bathers with reduced mobility to get to the sea independently (Source)


Image: a man is going to the sea by the lift
By using technology, people will be able to go to the sea and come back with the rail system  (Source)


Image: a man at the chair is pretating the lift with the remote control
The process is operated with remote control by the bathers themselves (Source)


Image: a man is leaving the chair to swim at the sea
The barrier-free lift could help swimmers with access needs to feel safe and independent (Source)

This is the first lift of its kind in Turkey. It is assumed that the platform will be installed on the beach at the beginning of the swim season and removed for the winter period.