National Museum of Singapore opened a Quiet Room for special needs children

National Museum of Singapore opened a Quiet Room for special needs children


Image: National Museum of Singapore building


The National Museum of Singapore (NMS) introduced a Quiet Room as a retreat for children with special needs. The National Museum is the oldest in Singapore, focuses on exhibits related to the history of the country. 

According to the NMS, the Quiet Room provides a dedicated space for children who might experience sensory or social overstimulation, in particular, for children on the autism spectrum, who may need a calmer environment before resuming their museum visit.


Image: A Quite Room in the National Museum of Singapore
Source: Lekker Architects


The Quiet Room is located on the second floor of the museum, it’s a 25 square meters space for 7 people, adults and children. It has a transition area with cubbyholes to keep shoes and bags; an inner chamber, designed to resemble a womb, where the child can rest and calm down; a geometric-shaped cushions that the child can hug for soothing purposes. The recommended duration of use is 30 minutes. 

For access to this room it is necessary to approach a Visitor Services or security officer or call 6332 0110. More details about the service:


This room is one of the many initiatives introduced by the National Museum to enhance accessibility and inclusiveness for visitors with additional needs. This includes GosTan Back, an interactive theatrical journey designed to support children with additional needs and their families to experience the museum.