Mobile app for passengers with low mobility launched in the UK

Mobile app for passengers with low mobility launched in the UK

Image: train, high speed


Passenger Assistance - a mobile application with this name developed in the UK for people with disabilities who travel around the country by train. Through this application, passengers can select and book help services at train stations, as well as en route. Previously, help services had to be booked by phone or online. The application allows the passenger to be constantly in touch with the service, to warn about the refusal of the service or cancellation of the trip.
Another advantage is that a passenger can create a one-time profile in the application, as on a social network, indicating his special needs, instead of contacting the service before each train travel.

The standard procedure for booking help services by phone could take up to 40 minutes.

Sarah Ward from Shrewsbury, who uses a wheelchair, has been trialing the app since May and found it made a big difference to her experience of rail travel. Sarah Ward says: “For me, the current system of booking assistance in advance is really frustrating. Whilst staff are generally really helpful, it's not very flexible, and it often feels like I have to fit into the system, rather than the system working for me. “With the app, I've found everything so much easier. It's great being able to do things, on the spot, literally at the touch of a button. I think that the app provides a really positive step in opening up rail travel to disabled people. It has enabled me to be much more flexible with my travel plans, and it's given me much more confidence in making journeys.”

Currently, the application is working in test mode, it will be fully ready by the autumn of 2019.