Gatwick Airport launches lounge for passengers with a disability

Gatwick Airport launches lounge for passengers with a disability


At Gatwick Airport, the second-largest and busiest in the UK, a lounge zone was opened for passengers with special needs. The recreation room for passengers with disabilities is located in the North terminal of the airport and is designed for 90 people. According to the airport press service, this is one of the largest lounge-zones of this kind in Europe.

The special assistance area features bespoke chairs and soft furnishings and seeks to offer a quiet environment to disabled passengers to relax before boarding their flight. Spanning an area of 56m², it is equipped with hearing induction loops, water fountain and toilet facilities, as well as with several charging points for passenger vehicles and personal electronic devices. Lighting in the lounge can be controlled remotely by enhancing or muffling LED lights, depending on the preferences or needs of passengers.

Image: chairs in the new lounge zone


Approximately 19% of the UK population have a disability and 11% a hidden disability. About 7% of the population avoids air travel because of their disability.