Stay Home: Garage Museum presented programs for hearing impaired

Stay Home: Garage Museum presented programs for hearing impaired



Image: the Garage Museum building
The building of the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art  in Moscow (Source)


Since March 14, the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art was the first in Russia to stop receiving visitors and switched to self-isolation mode. All this time the museum team has been in touch with art fans through a variety of virtual formats - lectures, tours, videos and articles by museum project curators appear every day in the Garage social networks.

The department of inclusive programs of the Garage Museum, which develops programs for visitors with disabilities, has a lot to do.


 “We have collected all the videos in sign language and translated into sign language in a special playlist on YouTube,” said Ludmila Luchkova, Manager of inclusive programs of the Garage. - In our @garagedeaf instagram we publish daily content with deaf guides and teachers who talk about exhibits and exhibitions, as well as how to spend time with children with benefit. We also have groups Vkontakte and on Facebook, where you can also follow the updates. ”


Also, on the YouTube channel of the Garage Museum a series of lectures by Irina Kulik “Asymmetric Similarities” was published with a translation into Russian Sign Language and audio descriptions. Lectures are dedicated to contemporary artists, such as Marcel Duchamp, Mark Rothko, Jason Pollock, Ai Weiwei. 

On April 11, an online lecture for teachers and parents “Silent Round the World. How to learn deaf and hard of hearing children in different countries of the world”, which will be conducted by Yulia Germashova - sign language teacher, speech pathologist, traveler. The Garage will be waiting for everyone on the Zoom platform, and translation with sign language will also be available on YouTube.

Children and parents can spend time studying the first Russian vocabulary of contemporary art in Russian sign language in the mobile application “Museum in Russian Sign Language for Children”. The application works on iOS and Android, and contains simple and fascinating videos and illustrations explaining various objects and concepts from the world of art.


“The Museum in Russian Sign Language for Children” is perfect for everyone - even for those who have never encountered the RSL before, since all the videos in the application are accompanied by Russian subtitles. You can test your knowledge by answering the questions of a quiz built on the interaction of sign and verbal languages. After completing the quiz, players receive rewards! Famous paintings, artists, sculptures and interesting facts about them are the best way to immerse yourself in art without leaving your home,” says Ludmila Luchkova.


In the immediate plans of the museum is the publication of a video guide on the RSL for the Atelier exhibition “Passerby”. And from April 9 in the Garage will begin online classes in Russian Sign Language.